Antiviral Herbs for Fighting Infections and Boosting Immune System

Every day we are surrounded by numerous viruses that can trigger some colds, coughs, or even HIV and hepatitis.

Even though many people prefer to get vaccinated to protect themselves from these health problems, in some cases these vaccinations may not be of significant help, meaning that you are still exposed to these diseases.

Vaccinations may be helpful, but relying on them alone may not give you the protection you need. So, you should try using antiviral herbs that will effectively fight off infections.

Furthermore, they will boost your immune system, thus protecting your body from various diseases.

Check out the most effective herbs for fighting infections and boosting the immune system:

1. Calendula

This herb is packed with flavonoids which are antioxidants that can prevent any damage caused by free radicals. Calendula also can fight inflammation, bacteria, and viruses.

2. Elderberry

For many years, this herb has been used as a remedy for treating different infections, including influenza, herpes, bacterial and viral infections.

It is scientifically shown that elderberry can effectively treat influenza A and B due to its effects on both strains as well as the lack of adverse effects.

3. Garlic              

Garlic is another herb that is very beneficial for fighting infections and boosting the immune system.

It has the ability to eliminate microorganisms responsible for the common illnesses and the rare ones such as herpes, pneumonia, thrush, and tuberculosis. Moreover, garlic possesses potent antiviral properties and can treat ear infections and eye problems.

4. Licorice root

It has been found that licorice is extremely effective in the treatment and prevention of diseases like influenza and hepatitis C. What is more, it treats a sore throat, coughs, relieves pain and prevents leaky gut.

5. Ginger

When it comes to boosting your immune system, ginger is definitely one of the most beneficial herbs. It has the ability to break down toxins that are forming in your organs and can effectively detoxify your lymphatic system.

By eliminating toxins from your body, it reduces your risk of bacterial, viral and fungal infections.

6. Olive leaf

Olive leaf is another herb that can provide incredible results when it comes to fighting infections. Due to its potent antiviral properties, olive leaf can effectively treat various infections, including Candida, chronic fatigue syndrome, meningitis, gonorrhea, and pneumonia.


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